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Calco, 28 April 2015


Growermetal enters into a strategic production and technical partnership with Nord-Lock Group

From left: Ola Ringdahl, Paolo Cattaneo


Growermetal and Nord-Lock Group (Sweden) have entered into a strategic production and technical development agreement for the manufacture of wedge-locking washers. Nord-Lock has seen the global demand for their wedge–locking washer continue to grow strongly. The objective of this strategic cooperation is to ensure a high quality production capacity and technical development for the future.


Growermetal has developed and manufactured safety washers for more than 60 years and has a global reputation for high quality and manufacturing excellence.


Nord-Lock has been manufacturing and supplying their original wedge-locking safety washers for more than 30 years and is widely recognized as the market leader in this sector.


As a result of this agreement, the Nord-Lock Group has acquired the Grower Twin-Lock® brand and Growermetal has agreed to supply wedge-locking washers exclusively to the Nord-Lock Group.


Therefore, with this strategic partnership, Growermetal shall further increase its expertise and production volumes in the wedge-locking washers business.


Paolo Cattaneo, Managing Director at Growermetal, comments: ‘We are very pleased with this partnership. The Nord-Lock Group has an extensive global sales network and has shown a strong ability to grow through technical sales. Together we will provide the world with wedge-locking products of the highest quality.’


Ola Ringdahl, CEO of Nord-Lock Group, comments: ‘We are very excited to enter into this long-term relationship because Growermetal has world-class manufacturing capabilities. With their production of Grower Twin-Lock® in their premises in Italy, in combination with Nord-Lock’s expertise in wedge-locking in the existing ‘Nord-Lock’ factory in Sweden, we can continue to supply our customers with the high quality market leading products they expect.’


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